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A beautiful kitchen or dining area isn’t complete until you find the perfect table. The place where you and I can sit, tell stories, share our day, and be present with warm coffee or heart-warming meals. That’s why I wanted to introduce you to Jerry, a dining table that brings mid century simplicity to the modern home.

Jerry – inspired and named after the father of four who loves having his kids and their partners home for special occasions. Whenever he brought his family back together for dinner, sadly someone always had to take the couch because the four-seat dining table couldn’t accommodate his growing family. His kindness and family first way of being had an enormous impact on my life. His wisdom, words, and thoughtfulness has helped shape what Mim Concept stands for and what I create. With that in mind I embarked to design an easy to assemble extendable dining table that a 60 year old father could put together in less than 1 minute, and a table that is beautiful, minimal, durable and can last beyond a lifetime just like a fathers’ love.

mid century modern table

The table embodies timeless beauty, sustainability, durability and walnut wood with technical functionality for ease of assembly and extension. A product of the highest quality and detail and created for every home where families could come together. The perfect place to dine whether seating a dinner date for two, a family of eight, a table for myself, the inspirational father behind the piece, or you.

The best choice in materials

Every piece I create for Mim Concept is researched thoroughly to ensure the best solution is in place. That’s why the decision was made to select Dark Native American Walnut. With its hardness, density, and tight-grained traits it brings an irresistible elegance without a compromise in function. The wood brings into the home durability and a lifetime guarantee to hold good shape. Our Jerry table combines the best of long-lasting design with effortless usability.

Jerry Table

The easiest to extend table

With a wood that will last with memories that will be created with it, I also needed to allow our form to combine with function. It’s not just the beauty of the piece and building materials, it has to also be smart construction. Jerry allows to give you a table that “accommodates”. In every situation Jerry is nimble, a table setting for two for a date-night dinner quickly transforms, in under a minute, a place for Thanksgiving dinner where a bath of gravy can pass between eight pairs of hands. No one has to be left to lean over a plate on a couch trying to listen closely for the joke dad shares at the other end. Everyone has a place at the table with Jerry.

Easy to extend kitchen table

The divided top runner mechanism gives the power of two people to one. There’s no coaxing of a partner to grab another end and lifting heavy table sides to extend. Jerry unlocks using the tension jack lock system and in under a minute one person on one end of the table can extend easily for all. Truly embodying minimalism, simplicity and ease of use in mind like every Mim Concept product. Shipped for free across Canada, when Jerry comes to your home, he’s not the guest that comes empty handed. Jerry comes with the gift of relief; effortless assembly finds four legs ready to be screwed in and everyone can quickly come together for new kitchen table memories.

Easy extend table

Eat and share memories with Jerry, and experience the long-lasting effects of American Walnut in your dining room. Walnut is a natural material, it comes with diverse in gains, beautiful patterns and unique dark shades. Each piece is unique and a kind of its own. Combined with vegan leather chairs, a dining table I create with love for you.

Learn more about the Jerry Dining Table here.

Designed in Canada

All Mim Concept pieces are designed in Canada and ethically manufactured. For every piece made a new tree is planted. Mim wants the right choice to be the easy one, that’s why all furniture is organically made and carpenters are well-paid and working in safe conditions. We invite you to stop by our shop and learn more about how we follow beautiful design with sustainability in mind.

Anh Ly, Designer Mim Concept

By Anh Ly
Designer of Mim Concept

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