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Mid Century Furniture Classics Store in Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, and Montreal

Mim Concept is now in Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, and Montreal. Nowadays, disposable furniture purchased in a box doesn't last for two moves; we strive to revive mid century modern furniture Toronto that will last a lifetime. We design and manufacture luxury furniture for your home, focusing on a mid century modern aesthetic.

Our idea of building mid-century modern furniture GTA is beautiful, sustainable, and affordable for everyone's home. At Mim Concept, we provide bold and contemporary furniture for the living, bedroom, and dining rooms.


Mim Concept’s Elegant Modern Style

At Mim Concept, we are passionate about beautiful furniture and creative designs. We offer a lifetime warranty on our wooden furniture, so you have peace of mind. We provide these modern furniture Ottawa direct from the factory to ensure that you get the luxury furniture you are looking for and you save more.

We offer free delivery of modern furniture in Toronto GTA, Ottawa, and Montreal. If you can't make your shopping into the store, no worries! You can shop at Mim Concept online where you can choose how you want to purchase modern furniture: home delivery, pick up in -store, curbside pickup or buy online.

Modern furniture Montreal

Let’s Know More about Mim Concept - Simple, Sleek & Versatile!

Mim Concept offers world-famous designs inspired by pioneers of mid century designs. We are a modern furniture designer and a manufacturer- our owner is an architect with a deep background in design which combines the design experience with quality.

Are you looking for mid century modern furniture Montreal for your bedroom, dining room, or living room? Make your next shopping trip to the Mim Concept. We are a leading destination for mid century furniture GTA and home decor.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Does Mim Concept provide modern furniture delivery services in Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, and Montreal?

Yes! Mim Concept provides modern furniture delivery services in Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, and Montreal. So, don't go anywhere else if you want to purchase or shop for mid century modern furniture for your living, bedroom or dining room.

Does Mim Concept offer free delivery services?

If you feel unable to visit Mim Concept, we offer free delivery services. Also, you can choose your purchase option like - home delivery, pick up in-store, curbside pickup or buy online.

What type of furniture material and styles does Mim Concept offer?

Mim Concept provides high-quality material and creative-style furniture, which adds a great look and appearance to your space. We provide simple, sleek and versatile furniture that adds value to the area where you use to place exceptional furniture.

What is the return policy at Mim Concept in Toronto, Canada?

If you want to find out about the return policy at Mim Concept in Toronto, Canada; please reference the "shipping policy" page.